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Black Awakening was formed in 2012 in the swamps of south Louisiana. Fusing together their own form of blackened doom, Black Awakening bring their listeners on a voyage through a sea of crust filled riffs and snail paced rhythms interlaced with themes of horror / occult and the cosmos.

After relocationing to the northern U.S. to further spread their unique blend of blackened doom to the masses, the band completed their lineup, adding a new bassist and has continued to push forward. Black Awakening have gained a cult following after their release of a 2 song demo and will be releasing a limited edition vinyl entitled 'Intra nos Satanas' via Domestic Genocide Records on October 31st 2014. Currently in production with their debut album, Black Awakening continue to make their presence known in the underground and have already begun to carve out their own space in the doom metal genre.

Pete Van Horn - Bass
Mandi Drunkenstein - Drums
Tim Holsinger - Guitar/Vocals