Black Awakening was formed in 2012 in the murky swamps of south Louisiana. Fusing together their own form of blackened doom, Black Awakening brings listeners on a voyage through a sea of crust-filled riffs and snail-paced rhythms interlaced with themes of horror, the occult, and the cosmos.

Black Awakening gained a cult following after their release of a 2 song demo and 10” EP, Intra nos Satanas. After relocationing to Fort Wayne, IN to further spread their unique blend of blackened doom to the masses, the band added a new bass player to complete their lineup.

The band has recently returned with a new track titled Bones For Divination, and is currently in production of their first full length album.

Trevor Antonides - Bass
Mandi Drunkenstein - Drums
Tim Holsinger - Guitar/Vocals